How can I specify the exact size of a rectangle?

I am having trouble getting rectangles to the exact sizes needed. I can come close by dragging the top, bottom and sides, but I cannot seem to get them exact and when I enter the height and or width numbers at the top, changing one changes the other too.

Is there ANY way I can specify the two numeric values independent of each other by entering the numbers in the windows and not trying to drag them?

Click the padlock icon in the toolbar so it shows ‘unlocked’:

Got it figured out, thanks. Had the Lock ICON on Lock and once I unlocked it that solved the problem. Not easily found in the manual though as the manual is very poorly indexed for those who need to find specifics.

Watched any of the LightBurn videos?
YouTube is a great source of information for newbies. Just search for LightBurn there and you’ll find lots of videos posted by others as well.

Hope this helps

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