How can I tell if the laser isnt focused, or dirty

Ive been having some issue with my Ortur LM2P.
I have a bright laser, but it is not burning effectively. The machine is new although bought second hand.
My laser lens appears to be clean, yet im getting a dot surrounded by an oval of diffused light like a cats pupil. I broke the laser housing down, but everything is clean.
I just finished an 8x12" plaque for my daughter and now moving onto the second. It seems to act like the lasers power isnt turned up high enough. Yet im engraving at 700/100. it should do this easily and has in the past. Perhaps my laser profile is bad? I dont know.

Any help here?

Sounds more like a focus issue… Do you know how to do a ramp test?

That will give you the proper focus distance…

Do you have an adjustable focus or fixed focus lens?


I have a fixed focus LU2-4 laser head. Some jobs I start the laser lights up, but it will just not mark anything. Even at 100% power.
Then without any apparent change, it just starts to work, and will be fine for days.
I’ll check out a ramp test.
I’m going to be upgrading to the10watt laser. But right now I’m trying to pump out Christmas gifts…

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