How do i adjust speed and power for a 2500mW laser to engrave/cut MDF in 1mm thickness please?

How do i adjust speed and power for a 2500mW laser to engrave/cut MDF in 1mm thickness please? Things seem burned at lower speeds, even at low power (100mm/min and 20%) Thanks a lot!

Run a Material Test for the MDF to get an idea of which speeds and powers will work best:

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Do you have air assist? When I added mine I could cut power and increase speed. Everything was much cleaner.



Even though usually marketed under the same acronym/initialism MDF (Medium Density Fiber), not all MDF is created equal.
Actually it could very well be said that the “Box Of Chocolates” analogy from Forrest Gump applies very well.
The same goes for all the composite materials that have a resin matrix with forestry industry waste products as reinforcing fibers, the combinations that work within the parameters for purposes and shaping methods those composites are intended for are literally endless.

While almost any combination of resin and fibers will work for mechanical cutting, most of those won’t work satisfactorily as laser fodder.
Hence either solid wood or laser approved plywood is the choice of material for most.

In any case, some irritating or even toxic gasses will always be released when laser cutting any density fiberboard or plywood, so adequate ventilation and smoke extraction/purification should be high on the priority list.

Do You mean actual burning or just surface charring?
Actual burning may indicate that either the resin matrix or the fibers of that partcular material are not suitable for laser cutting at all.

Some degree of charring will always be there when cutting organic materials.


Thank You, Ed! Indeed, i forgot about this built-in option!!

Not yet, Johnjohn. I’m an anbsolute beginner with a very basic CNC router with a laser :wink:

Yo’re absolutely right, Sam! Materials differ very much from each other. I remarked it also when i spray painted a primer coat. The MDF as well as the cardboard seem to absorb the paint irregularily…
But thanks to the “Material Test” feature i found good compromises indeed. Thanks all for your help!!