How do i change from MM to INCHES

I just installed light burn, watched 8 different tutorials but can not figure out how to change measurements when sizing my project from MM to inches… Is there a way to do this?


Is that the button right under the wrench and screwriver on the top menu. When I checked mine was “in” I pressed it and it changed to “mm”.



There is the “quick change” button as @htrowrod identifies, though that is intended as a quick way to flip from one to the other. You can also adjust the default ‘Units’ you want to work in from the ‘Settings’ screen exposed when you select the ‘Gears’ icon top-center of the LightBurn screen.


Thank you Rick and Bruce, I was able to get it changed, why i didnt think to clip on that link… o’boy, sometimes the obvious is to obvious… LOL
Have a wonderful New Years

Hi michelle,
how to change measurements when sizing my project from millimeter to inches… Is there a way to do this?
yes there is a way check it

You can just type things like 5mm, 6in, 2ft, or even equations like 12in - 3mm into the size or position boxes in LightBurn. No need for an entire website for this.

There’s also a button on the main toolbar labeled ‘mm’ or ‘in’ depending on the mode you’re in, and pressing it will flip you between them. You can flip to mm, enter a size, then flip back to in, for example, and LightBurn does all the conversions.

Would it be possible to add that same button inside the cut settings window so you can switch back and forth while entering speeds. I use Inches but most settings I see on the boards are in inches.


Also when using the IN/MM button it switches the settings to “Inches / mm/sec”. Is there a way to switch back to Inches / sec without going to the settings menu ?


There isn’t at the moment - In my own experience, very few people use inches/sec, which is why I made it the way I did, but I have it on my list to remember the mode you were in and flip back to whatever it was before.

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