How do I change my email on the website?

I’m looking to renew my license and the email I have on file with LB is no longer used so I can’t get the code when Im trying to sign in… Any advice on how to do this? Thanks Scott

This is best handled by sending an email to, providing the old email and the new. Our team can help you sort this there. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rick, I did, but of course I did the install of the new license, and deleted the old version, so now I have nothing until I can get the code to work. I haven’t used it in so long I didn’t see the updates, and I just got a used Thunder I’m tryin g to get working. Thanks

You may be able to revert to Trial until you get things sorted with our Customer Support Team.

In the latest LightBurn, go to ‘Help’ → ‘License Management’ page and deactivate to return to trial. You can extend from there as well.

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