How do I connect nodes to not have this happen?

Hello, I’m trying to make an offset from an illustrator svg. Problem is when I do that I get this…

I don’t want it to do the bubble thing it’s doing I want it to just create a duplicate line as if it was connected. The original image had the hair as a die cut and I don’t want to cut him fully out I just want a second line for the hair so I can make a hollow outline almost as if on a jackolantern to give him some shape but I can’t seem to make that work and I definitely don’t know the first thing about illustrator. Any help would be so appreciated.

The offset is doing this because the outline of the hair is an unclosed line. If, in contrast, you had an closed shape, the offset would either create an offset line to the outside, inside, or both based on the setting.

Based on what I think I understand of your desired outcome here’s what I’d recommend.

  1. Close the hair outline by connecting the ends with a line segment. Make sure the nodes actually get joined and that the shapes don’t show up if you do an Edit->Select open shapes.
  2. Do and outward offset of the outline of the face.
  3. Do a boolean difference of the face offset in step 2 from the now closed hair shape.

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