How do I create 45 degree Chamfer on Rectangle

I have searched videos and forums on how to create 45 degree chamfers on the corners of a rectangle. I see and can do radius of course, but can not figure out to do a chamfered 45 degree corner. Any help please.

Lasing is usually considered a 2d en devour. Don’t know if I understand exactly what you want applying the terminology to a laser.

Lightburn has a ‘ramp’ function for rubber stamps.

Maybe a drawing or idea of what you are trying to accomplish…?


I don’t believe there’s an automated way of doing this. You have a few different options but here’s what I think is the easiest method.

  1. Define radiuses at the corners where you would want the chamfers to be positioned using either Shape Properties or using Radius tool.
  2. If you used Shape Properties convert the rectangle to path using Edit->Convert to Path. Radius tool implicitly converts to path so no need in that case.
  3. Switch to Edit Nodes tool
  4. Hover over each radius and press ‘L’ key to convert radius to line

This is something I didn’t think of and will work. Ty

I’m talking about 2d. Make a rectangle. The on each corner make them 45 degree instead of 90.

Like this?

Screenshot from 2022-03-23 11-17-00

Made a square, duplicated it, rotated 45 deg, sized it and used the boolean operations.


What about with a rectangle.

If you wanted to use the boolean operation method instead of my first option, you could create rectangles rotated to 45 degrees that you could use as “cutouts” for the boolean operation. You’d have to do this at each corner. The number of steps and the amount of steps to finesse the location is why I suggested the first option.

You could also do this with Cut Shapes or entirely through node editing. Now you’ll just have to choose your path.

This worked great, Thanks

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