How do I create: Variable Text on Path as an Image Mask to prevent lasering the text

I can’t seem to find a way to make this happen.

Creating the text, and applying it to a path works fine, but I can’t seem to group it effectively with a bounding box unless I first convert it to a path which causes a TON of extra hand-holding for this project.

Anyone have clear instructions of how to make this happen?

I don’t understand why you think it has to be converted to a path to be grouped. Convert to Path is only necessary to node edit, or manipulate individual letters. Nothing else.

T1 is the path for the text,
T2 is the text field itself and the bounding box which I can’t seem to get to group together so it won’t let me image mask.

If I pick the text only without the bounding box I get window through the text, when I want the text to be a curtain.

When I don’t apply the text to a path I have no issues getting it to do what I want it to.

Is there a specific order of operations I have to follow here that I’m overlooking?

I missed that the text was applied to a path in your first message - that will be why. You can’t group just the text without also grouping the path shape it’s attached to, but including that path in the group will cause problems with the mask function.

Do you need to use the path? It looks like a simple arch, so why not just use the ‘Bend’ dot instead?

Danke… that’s exactly what I was forgetting.

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