How do I crop a picture?

The pic I have is in a white sqaure. I want to shrink the box and not the image. Because when i try to change the image size , the whole box wants to change. =I can not put the image on my cup. How do I get rid of the box and keep

I have a jpeg file of a pirate girl. I want to put the pirate on a cup. but I cannot change the size of the figure without changing the size of the box. How do i get rid of the box?

Not sure if there is a way to do it in LightBurn. I usually use a photo editing program and cut and paste into a new jpg that removes most of the background.

This can be accomplished in LightBurn using Tools->Apply mask to Image.

More information here:
Image Masking - LightBurn Software Documentation

Probably the mask function will have to be used, but it is always difficult to advise without seeing an example image.

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I hope you can open. you will see the emblem in the square box . And where is the mask funtion located?

I list the tool location in my post. It’s under the Tools menu.

Yes sir, I see the tools menu showing the Apply mask to image. But It will not let me pick the application.

What do you mean by application here? Do you mean that it’s not available to be selected?

You need a shape that you want to use as a mask as well as the image selected for this to work.

Did you review the documentation I linked? It covers this in more detail.

Apply mask to image is not hi lighted , so it will not let me pick it. I am new at this so I am still learning and there is no one you can call on the phone.

  1. Draw a rectangle
  2. Place the rectangle over the image precisely how you would like it to be cropped
  3. Select both the image and the rectangle
  4. Tools->Apply mask to image

OK, I imported the image, Went to TOOLS, SELECTED rectangle. Put it around the image. It is showing the squares for adjustment and the corners where you can turn. Not sure how to select just the image. I click on it but nothing.But the image is inside the selected box. The Apply to image is still not selectable.

I am going to try to send you a video.

Just to make sure I (we) understand what you would like, is that what you see in the picture?

…if that’s what you want, there is an additional option, afterwards. Trace image, thus you “convert” your image to shapes.

yes , the bottom one , top right is what I am trying to do.

As long as I laser it the box does not show.

You need to select both the shape and image at the same time. Use the selection tool to select both.

More on how selection works here:
Moving Around The Workspace - LightBurn Software Documentation

If that’s all, it’s a different workflow.
You can just trace your original image, when it’s a simple drawing like that is the best way to do it. (In my opinion)
Do you know how to do that?

no sir, Sorry