How do I determine which way is the Y and X axis?

Hi All,

I know this is a newbie question and I apologize.
I have read the Lightburn documentation, my YoraHome 6550 Laser documentation.
I’ve used Google, YouTube, even ChatGPT.
I cannot seem to understand how to determine which is the X axis and Y axis in the Lightburn software.

Can someone tell me if the X is the length? Y is the width? or vice versa?
I’m building myself a cheat sheet and this is going right into that cheat sheet.

X is width. Y is height.

In the workspace, X runs left/right. Y runs up/down.

Just remember " Y " means You axis pointing to you !! :+1:
That’s how I always remembered it.

Remember the Right Hand Rule of Axis (Palm Up).

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