How do I engrave 2 objects on the same horizontal line with 2 layers at the same time? Currently my laser will engrave one completely then com back and do the other. It takes a lot of time. Any suggestions?

When engraving images next to each other that are on different layers, can the laser engrave them both and change wattages so it does not have to complete one layer then come back to the same horizontal path and then engrave the other?

I don’t think they can be on separate layers.

You might look at putting them on the same layer and changing the ‘shape properties’ of each…

The left image is 75% of the layer power

The right image is 50% of the layer power.

Don’t forget


I cant thank you enough. You just saved me hours of time, Thank you!

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No perspiration…

I guess that’s what you were looking for… ?

Did it lower the engraving time?


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