How do I get the burn to start in a different place

I am using user origin on my coordinates as no other settings will work but this is a massive issue I just can’t fix

See photo the green starting point is at the bottom left we’re I set it but to burn the circle it moves about 15mm to the start point this is getting confusing can I not set it to burn the circle from the actual circle rather then to the side of it?

Please share the file. I’d like to see what’s going on and try to reproduce it here.

Are you engraving this circle as a line that the engraver head follows?

If you’re engraving a bit at a time and the laser is running back and forth, I’ve found that Overscanning seems to push stuff left/right for me and i don’t have an understanding of why yet.

hi there sorry for late reply this is just a basic circle didn’t save it as a code just litrally drawn a circle i have a issue with lightburn not knowing my location so makes stuff like this so hard

I have a SainSmart 3018 as well.

This may help get you going:

do you have limit switches on your machine?
I have to use absolute coordinates because i don’t have limit switches.

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