How do I get this to fit on Atomstack 400x400 S10 Pro

What I have been doing is to remove parts of the plan that do not fit cut what fits and then bring back the removed parts

Precisely what I do as well. Be sure to save before cutting - that’s a lesson learned!
I usually try to divide the images 50/50. I find that I can get better yield from the materials I have on hand.

You don’t have to remove them. On the bottom right of the screen just turn on “Cut Selected Graphics” then select the parts you want to cut.

I have one other problem and that is I cannot select just one of the peices it seems that the select tool will only select a layer? If I needed to remove the bottom right panel select will select all of the parts on the bottom.

It sounds like they are grouped. Select item then right click, ungroup. Click off item and reselect. May need to ungroup multiple times if there are sub groups.

Thank you that was the problem, I have to print out the manual and read it.
thank you

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