How do I identify the brand name of my machine and the controller?

I bought a 100 watt laser machine right before covid and the person I bought it from gave me the brand name on a piece of paper that has since been lost. I do not know very much about lasers. We put it in storage during the COVID mess and just took it out last week. I tried to make the lightburn software talk to the laser machine but since I do not know the brand or controller and the software would not automatically connect it with out the name I am stuck.

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We don’t know what it looks like…

But you can look into the electronics bay of the the machine and identify the controller.

For a 100W co2, it’s probably a Ruida or Trocen. These are dsp controllers and require an appropriate license.

A photo of the electronics bay and the machines console will probably tell us a lot about what you have.


Ruida or Trocen
Thanks. I will look into the machine. Will Lightburn work with a Ruida or Trocen controllers?

Yes, and several others to boot. :wink: Best to share a picture of the front control panel of this machine along with a picture or two of the inside, showing the electronics, as @jkwilborn suggests. From that, we can most likely identify the control system used. This will not be the manufacture or brand name of your laser. It will be the motion control system used by the laser manufacture.

Here are a few indicators to tell a Trocen controller from a Ruida controller at a glance.
If it has a USB A socket on the control panel it’s a Trocen.
Ruida controllers will have FRAME button and Trocen will have a BOX button.

Here is a picture of the unit and of the control panel. The tag says it was made in 2014.

This looks like a Leetro DSP motion control system. We currently do not support this control system. LaserCut is the software used to drive this system.

From our nice friends over at

Leetro AutoMation Co.,LTD (Leetro DSP)

LightBurn Software will not yet work with this controller. There are quite a few requests for this controller. They have an MPC6585 and are exploring the possibilities.

The Leetro Series controllers are very similar to the other DSP’s in function and form. These DSP’s use proprietary software called LaserCut and no other software solutions are available at this time.

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