How do I import from Silhouette Cameo to LightBurn

I am having a hard time with importing designs from Silhouette. I keep getting an error occurred while parsing element - on line 1, column 1. I have no idea what this means. HELP!!!

What format are these files in? Can you post one here to have a look at?

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You have a couple different options for this depending on your Edition of Silhouette Studio.

  1. If you have Business edition you can export as SVG or PDF. These files should import into LightBurn as vector files preserving any lines from Silhouette
  2. If you do not have Business edition you can use this excellent online tool to convert your .studio files to SVG files. This is a pay as you go service but they offer 10 free conversions.
    Ideas R Us Software - Studio to SVG Converter (

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