How do I read the RDVSet file? (or send to my Ruida 644XG)?

Hi! I’ve got a couple of settings files for my laser: laser.RDVSet and user.RDVSet. How do I send this to my laser? LightBurn doesn’t recognize the files when I tried to read them from Machine Settings.

I’ve got a Ruida 644XG with a USB port. Can I use a thumb drive?

Thank you!

EDIT: Solved! I changed the name of “Laser.RDVSet” to “Laser.lbset” and now LightBurn can read the file. All good.

Those files are specific to RDWorks. You would need to use RDWorks to load and apply them.

Found out how to do it… have edited question to reflect answer!

This is most likely a coincidence of behaviors, as it might attempt to parse the file, but we can say with near certainty that the internal format will not be the same, and it probably didn’t load these settings, unless you obtained an LightBurn file that someone renamed the extension and you have named it back to its original format.

Where did this “Laser.RDVSet” file originate, or where did you get it?

Strange… I got the file from the manufacturer. I had messed up all of the settings, and upon renaming the file and loading in LB, all were restored.

Glad you are sorted. If willing, which manufacture? I’d like to understand what they are providing, so we know if this issue is seen again. :slight_smile:

The manufacturer is ZingCNCLaser.

Thank you for all you do!

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