How do I remove a zone from a line surface?


I have made a bunch of lines, like a wood texture (black lines in the picture)

I want to remove a portion of it (the red box), so, the lines are not printed there (the red box is, a door or something similar).

The boolean A-B does not work with lines, afaik.

Select all the black lines, then Shift+Select the red box, and go to Tools > Cut Shapes. The last selected shape will be used to cut the shapes before it, and you’ll end up with one result that is everything that was in the box, and another that is everything outside it. Select the shape where the box was and delete it.



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Thank you dude!

As I enjoy to learn new features of this astonishing program, I made my own mess of lines and tried the instructions. I’ve discovered the convenience of the program auto-grouping the inside and outside sections!

How do you group/remove it?

I would like my lines to be traced as a single line, and not 2 lines/figures around the line.

I dont know If I explain myself :slight_smile:

I’m not sure of your question, but the starting point can be almost any shape or group of shapes. I tested it by creating a rectangular array of random lines, then created a square which I placed in the middle. It’s easiest to create all the first set of shapes on one layer, then the cutting shape on another layer. The cutting shape has to be a single closed object. A circle/ellipse, a square/rectangle or any polygon shape that ends where it starts qualifies for a cutting shape. For the polygon, I just created a zig-zag shape and closed it off in the usual manner.

Once you have all the shapes created, place the cutting shape as desired. Because I put the group to be cut on its own layer, I can use Shift-click on the layer entry in the cuts/layers window to select that “collection” which would otherwise be difficult to manage. Of course, if the shape to be cut is a group, it’s a single click. Once the shape to be cut is selected, shift-click on the cutting shape, then select Tools, Cut Shapes.

The result will be both new groups auto-selected. Click away, then click back on either shape and position as desired.


If this doesn’t clarify for you, please ask again.

What you’re describing is called a ‘centerline trace’, which we do not have yet. Our current trace is meant for filled areas, so if you are tracing a line, it traces the outline of the line. InkScape is free and has a centerline trace option. It’s not fantastic, but it works.

Yes, centerline was my idea. BTW, InkScape crashed when I tried their centeline option :sweat_smile:

try their nightly build

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