How do I save files on my computer as lbrn?

When I make a new file and save it to my computer it saves as ai (adobe Illustrator). When I email the files to my boss it doesn’t show anything. I’ve tried saving as a SVG file and that didn’t work either. I’ve read that one of our computers must not be compatible with ai which is fine BUT here is what I’m so confused about. When my boss sends me files they are saved as lbrn. How can I save my files automatically as lbrn? Any help would be greatly apprecatied! :slight_smile:

I suspect that instead of using “Save As” or “Save” you are using “Export”. Saving a file should only give you the option of .lbrn or .lbrn2 whereas export gives you the option of AI or SVG and others. LightBurn will default to the last type used in either scenario.

Can you confirm that using Save or Save As allows for saving the project as .lbrn?

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THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! That was totally it! I can’t believe how simple that was. I’ve tried to figure this out for over four hours and it was so simple! :smiley: