How do I save projects as thumbnail images and not lightburn logo?

I’ve just been reading the post below and it says in the last reply that the problem was fixed.
So am I missing a setting somewhere because none of the files / projects I save show thumbnail images, all show the logo. I’m using the latest 0.9.16 version.

Thank you.

“This is fixed. There was an error inside the thumbnail viewer code that would sometimes fail when trying to find the thumbnail in the LightBurn project file.”

Have you ever set LightBurn files to launch using LightBurn by choosing that yourself under Windows somewhere? If so, this setting conflicts with LightBurn’s association, and messes up the setting for thumbnail previews. You also have to save the file with a version of LightBurn that embeds thumbnails (0.9.14 or later).

No. Because they have always just had the logo, so I just click the icon and it opens LightBurn with the project there ready. I do use Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit if that would make a difference.
LightBurn does everything else it should and I rarely have any problems with it.

I also have this disabled.

If you select a file in Explorer and press Alt+P do you see anything? It might be a Windows 7 issue, but I believe the thumbnail viewer should work for anything.

No, just an empty pane on the right with “No preview available”

I couldn’t tell you - I don’t have anything older than Windows 8 to test with.

That’s ok. It’s not a problem, more of a wondering why.
Thanks very much for the help.

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