How do i set speed

question how do I speed up travel in lightburn from start point to engraving/cut start point and between cut a and cut b and return to home position the speed for engraving and cutting is fine just very slow getting to the start of cut/engrave

For an exact answer, we’d need to know what controller (and firmware / version) you’ve got in your K40.

im using a mks sbase v1.3 with smothieware

According to this:

You’re going to want to change your default_seek_rate setting. That’s just me doing a quick google search, and knowing nothing about smoothieware. Your mileage may vary.

same here I know nothing about smoothieware been running grbl for the last year

Blake is correct - The default_seek_rate in the config.txt file on the SD card is what sets the G0 move speed, and it’s set in mm/minute.

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it was working fine till I opened up t2 so is it worth putting the files that r on my pc bk on the sd card also was there a fix update as I updated about 2 weeks ago but my subs have run out and wont be able to pay for a few weeks

ok replaced file with original no im getting this again

Your machine is skipping / missing steps when moving between cuts. What controller are you using? You may need to decrease the acceleration setting, or the “idle speed” (speed between cuts) setting. I can tell you where to find those, but your profile says “K40” which doesn’t tell me what controller or fimrware you have.

Edit: Never mind, I see from another post it’s Smoothieware. The same config file will have “acceleration” listed as one of the settings. What is that set to?

Also, have you tuned the stepper driver current settings at all? Are you using step-sticks with current dials (potentiometers) on them that have to be physically adjusted, or does the board use the current settings from the config file?

current settings from the config file

how come ive lost my machine settings

You would never have had Machine Settings for Smoothieware - they’re in a config file on the SD card, and aren’t easily accessed / edited from software.

ok like I said only just started using smoothieware

question for oz can I run my mks sbase 1.3 on grbl ?

I think you can use GRBL-LPC, but I’ve never set it up on an MKS controller. It does run on normal Smoothieboards so it will probably work.

ok th oz anybody out there know how to set grbl up on a mks board ??

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