How do I share my designs

I have 2 computers. One is for design one for burning. How do i get computer 2 to see what designs are on computer 2.

Assume you meant the second to see what’s on the first…

I can’t see what’s on your computer either, they are different entities, a foot apart or miles apart.

Mine are currently configured this way…

Computer/laser is in garage, work computer inside… all my machines are Linux Ubuntu.

Garage computer is a wireless connection to my router, so I use secure shell file system (sshfs) to ‘link’ the other computers file system to mine. I can open and have access to the other machines workspace (file system wise).

You will have to save it on one, then open it on the other to make sure it’s updated… Just keep in mind which has the current version of your project open…

When I had a wired system I could ‘remotely mount’ the other machines file system onto mine…

Good luck


Thank you everyone.

If you have a cloud account (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc), you can use that as a resource from which either machine can work. Dropbox is somewhat restrictive, as they allow only two machines to connect (free version).

For networked computers running Windows operating systems, one can also share folders over the network.

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