How do I slow down the speeds of the laser?

I am having issues figuring out how to slow down the position change speeds. For example when the laser finishes a layer and then moves back to the starting point of the next layer, it moves so fast that the product on my rotary device shifts and completely screws up the whole engraving. It does this on other position changes too. I need to slow down the speeds of the laser when it is not actively burning. Please, talk to me like I am an idiot, because I am still pretty illiterate to this.

And if I am wrong at why the engravings are getting messed up please explain. Is it an issue with the step count on the rotary? Is it something else? I don’t know. Help me help you.

For the Ortur, you likely unplug the X or Y axis and plug the rotary in.

You can change the speeds and accelerations on the axis that now controls the rotary in Machine Settings:

Start with this video, and if you’re still having trouble you can modify the machine settings.

This solved my issues. Thank you. If I am being completely honest, the only thing I was missing the whole time was that I didn’t see the drop down menu arrow for that section. I looked for those setting easily 30 times. Just never noticed the arrow. Feeling pretty dumb. Regardless. Thank you! I am so much happier now!

It’s a journey… there are bumps in the road. Glad you got it sorted.

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