How do i turn on the blue laser light guide and have it say on?

Hello, i have the Atezr l2 24w laser and am having trouble turning on the blue laser guide that shines inside the laser head, to make lining my projects up easier?
Is there a way to turn it on and have it stay on?

Hi Tanner

Couple settings you must toggle on
a) Edit > Device settings
make sure these two settings are on
b) in the move panel - which if you dont have it enabled you can get it by going to Window menu > Move
You can click the fire button and it will fire the laser at the power in the box behind

Also when you frame it will turn laser on

thankyou, I didn’t have those turned on,

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Is there a way to make it a cross hair instead of a dot? Just for easier project line up

Given that the dot is being made by the laser itself, is not possible
I am not sure if your laser machine also has a additional crosshair red laser, but I don’t think so from what I know about your machine.

Sounds good, thankyou. Your information was very helpful

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Set your laser output to a low percentage to make the spot easier to see. I run my diode 10w laser at .2% for frame and alignment.

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