How do I type accented letters?

I have a customer that wants their name on an item
The name is Chloe with an accent over the e. When I look up accented letter on Google it says to hold the ALT key while pressing the letter. In LB this opens the Edit menu.

Help! I need to figure this out tonight.

EDIT ----------------------------
I found a work around - In MS Word I can type it by inserting a special character and then copy and paste it from Word to LB and the accented e is preserved.

But I would still like to know how to do it from within LB

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Generically speaking (and including within LB - I tried it) if you hold down the ALT key and type a series of numbers from the numeric keypad you will get alternatives from what are known as “character maps”.
Here’s a site with an index.
If you hold ALT and type 130 you’ll get é. If you type “130” from the top row of keys (above the QUERTY part) - you’ll get 130. You must do it from a numeric keyboard.
Oh yes, NUMLOCK must be on.

Hope this helps


Perfect, thanks Tony. This forum was a great idea!

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Damn - Even I didn’t know this - thank you, Tony! (I’ve always done the copy/paste trick)

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That’s one for adding to the the tips and tricks part of my brain for sure. Just need to find a character map to go with that nice way of doing things. Thanks!

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You don’t actually need the website. There’s one included with Windows errrr 7 and up I reckon. It’s called “character map”. Don’t know why the ALT number is different. They both work.

And from memory (shaky at best) there used to be one on OSX called “key caps”. But I reckon the last time I used it, it was called “System 7”. :slight_smile:



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I’ve always used the character map method myself, but the alt-key trick is pretty great.

That method works on Windows. The equivalent function on Linux (and presumably Mac) is to press CRTL+SHIFT+U and let the keys up. A u will appear. You can then type the character code using the top row of number keys and press ENTER. Linux and Mac both use the UNICODE character set for this.

The problem is, it doesn’t work in Lightburn.

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I worked for a French company so ended up having to use the accented texts A lot otherwise they got grumpy or didn’t get the correct understanding of the e mail. :joy:

I have a print out of the ASCII codes under my Keyboard.

Very useful short cuts.