How do i un anchor text thats been welded to a line?

How do i un anchor text thats been welded to a line?
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What’s your final goal in trying to do this? Is it to remove the text so that you can repurpose the remaining design? Or are you trying to somehow convert the text shapes back into editable text for some reason?

You won’t be able to convert the text shapes to text… but you could potentially extract just the text portion.

The setup will be the same whether or not you want to extract the text or remove the text from the rest of the design.

  1. Create a shape (rectangle should work well in this case) that will completely surround the text. Make the lower boundary align exactly to the bottom of the text.
  2. Select base shape, then add the outline shape to the selection
  3. Use the appropriate Boolean operation depending on desired result
    3a. If you want to retain only text then Tools->Boolean Intersection
    3b. If you want to eliminate text portion and retain the rest of the design then Tools->Boolean Difference

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