How do you edit DXF import unit settings?

I need to check the DXF import units, but there is no way to change them! I’ve got through every single menu item three times, and the command-, option dialog is the only way to change anything.

On the mac the default settings only have a few things on the dialog, so there must be some other way to find the other settings.

I looked at the manual, and the page on settings doesn’t say how to bring up the settings dialog!

Plus, there’s no way on git that I can see to leave comments asking for that information to be added.


There aren’t many choices you need when setting up the DXF import filter. I generally keep Auto-detect units if possible turned off, and switch the radio button between Millimeters or Inches. I do all of my designing in a CAD program that creates DXF, primarily in Inches.

You get to the above settings screen by selecting Edit>Settings>File Settings. See below:

Thank you! As a comment to Lightburn development, tabs on the left side like that are not a standard Mac or Windows GUI construct. Having multiple sets of settings is understandable, but when you use standard ways of navigating then the documentation and support overhead goes down.

I might need to make this a bit more visually ‘cued’, but side tabs have existed for a long time:



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