How do you etch on the surface of clear plastic?

I think the title says it all.
But again, How can you laser etch on the surface of a plastic CD/DVD case?


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If this is for diode laser.
I’ve not tried, but if I did, I would paint the area with a water based paint that could be washed off afterwards.
The etch would be burned paint/ melted plastic darkened and not clear engraving.
Maybe a CO2 could produce a clean etch but not diode.

“How do you etch on the surface of clear plastic?”

With a CO2 laser.

It’s likely that the case is polycarbonate and not acrylic. If that’s true, it won’t engrave very well and will create oodles (technical term) of soot and smoke.
It’s easy enough to test and there is little to lose, unless you have only a few available.
As a previous comment notes, it has to be a CO2 laser, although I’ve not tried the paint and etch method with a diode machine.

OK, thanks for the information.
I’m about to go and change my signature block so it shows details of my own equipment.
I have a diode 15w C 3018 Pro. So much to learn and a list of How-to’s the length a few A4 pages. I will slowly get around to getting all the questions in.
I just hope all can be patient with me, getting on and memory not as good as it used to be.
Thanks again.

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