How do you Highlight the outline only

Help !!!
I am new to laser engraving so please bare with me.
after i have done a line engraving for instance a picture of Spiderman how do i highlight the the outer shape so i can cut it out. Hope this makes sense.

If it’s vectors (lines) you probably just need to un-group them.

You can tell whether something is grouped or not by the pattern shown when it’s selected - see here:

To un-group, click the ungroup button:
(or use the shortcut Ctrl-U)

Thanks for your help. i now see what you mean.
10 minutes to put the laser together and 6 hours up to now to learn how to use the software but its a lot easier than i thought and so much fun. who though i’d be learning to do something new like this at 58.


WOW your a old guy, I’m only 70.

Hi Tim

ok you win this one.

At my age it’s not about winning but being able to play the game!

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