How do you move your laser efficiently with Lightburn

Hi all,

Lightburn has 3 ways to move the laser: either with the num keypad, with the move buttons on the move tab, or with the move tool.
I have an Atezr laser, and I cannot find a convenient way to position the laser where I want. Should I move physically the laser head, and then “read position” ? I got a bluetooth num keypad to try to
position the laser but it fails in two ways:

  • as soon as a text box has been focused, it just types number or do nothing
  • repeated keystrokes, or long presses are not recorded as one intention but as a multitude of commands which keeps the laser busy for a while.

Whats your trick?

That does not work, because the machine cannot track the position when you move it by hand. Try it and see: you’ll get the same position before and after you shove the head around.

After the machine finishes its homing sequence after startup (or you do manual homing on a machine lacking home switches), you must use the computer-based controls to move the head.

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