How do you scale a drawing?

How do you scale something smaller without selecting everything and grabbing the corner and then taking the ruler and then starting all over until you get the size you want. I have a drawing with 1x 1/2" rectangles there is maybe 40 of these in one drawing in a circle and I need them all the same. I have to bring them down to .125 x .224. Along with the circle.

Provide the file, so we can “see” what you are working with. :slight_smile:

I dont have the file close by and my phone will not copy a file.lets use the file I uploaded to project files it has the same idea I am looking for.
It would be the grenade file they have the same pattern would like to bring the slots down to .125". From .500".

Just show a screen shot of the design - your description of it is hard to visualize.

If you need to scale something that has 1/2" slots down to 1/8", that’s 25% of the original size. Select everything and type 25 into the size percent box here:


If you have the lock icon closed, it will size both X and Y at the same time. If you have the lock open, you’ll have to enter 25 into both boxes.

It’s been in front of me all this time thank you.