How do you stop these burn marks?

Please see image and notice the dark spots caused at the start of the process?

How can this be avoided?

Settings are 300mm/sec max min power at 10% in line mode, using 100w laser.

Tried on leather, wood, card, aluminium card, all suffer with it…

It’s getting too much power when it slows for a corner… probably need to lower minimum power on the layer…

What is the minimum power setting?


The min power is 10%.

When I did it on leather, the initial start point was so noticeable, i couldn’t use the belt as a saleable item.

i have a 2.5" lens, dont know is that makes any difference?

In Line mode the laser cannot move at nearly the commanded speed along those relatively short vectors and a 100 W CO₂ laser cannot throttle down to 10% with any reliability, so you’re getting the worst of all possible outcomes. The material doesn’t make much difference, as the laser power is simply not controllable.

Switch to Fill mode so the machinery stays in constant motion and the beam gets switched in flight, rather than trying to follow the vector pattern. You may need to slightly widen the letter forms to allow for proper engraving, but you’ll get much better results.

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Thanks for the reply. I will give it a try. :+1:

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