How does everyone locate parts/engraving when doing work?

(Josh Mosselli) #1

I want to get a feel for how everyone does this.

As you can see i have my whole z bed drawn up in LB on the black layer, with each little circle representing a threaded hole i made on my zbed as you can see in the second image, i saved that as a file and just open that one instead of just the plain LB program. Then i draw up my part im engraving in blue. Then i place some bolt heads, represented in this image by the dark red layer, then i move the part around on screen to butt it up against the screw holes. Finally i place my engraving where i want it to go on the part using the bright red layer.


My only issue with doing it this way is sometimes its very accurate, sometimes its off. Im sure its just because the K40 is not made for doing the kind of accuracy, but does anyone have any tips or tricks to improve the way i do this so its more consistent and accurate?

(Steve Myres) #2

I have a fence or edge guide. I cut mine with the laser to insure it’s at the laser origin and parallel to the ways, but you wouldn’t have to.


(David Fenton) #3

It depends on whether it is a production run or a very small batch. For running the same product I have screw holes in the bed and screw my stock down in the same place each time. A reference frame like Steve’s would be the same. The LB job is set to use Absolute coordinates and is positioned to put the job on the stock. The position is as accurate as you machine.
For small jobs I use “Current position” as the origin and simply mark a dot or cross in the centre of the stock. Use the position laser function in LB to drive the laser to the centre origin of the job and then put the stock under the laser. (I have a red dot laser added). Or you can use the frame option with absolute coordinates and the laser will stop in the bottom left corner of the job and I stick the corner of the stock under the laser + a 10mm margin and off we go.

Hope that helps.