How does LB know how much power it's sending to the Laser?

A quick question I hope someone can help with. Using Lightburn (LB) and selecting a “Percentage” for the lines or fills, how does (LB) know how to translate that into mA to the tube? I have both a digital (the one installed with lightobject pkg) and an analog (that i installed). When I select 40% in LB the digital meter reads ~5 and the analog meter barely moves (maybe 2-3 max, it is installed correctly). I keep hearing people say don’t run your laser above 20% but at 20% I am not going to be able to cut 1/8" acrylic even at a speed of 4. It takes about the above 40% and 2 passes at speed 4. P.S. its a brand new tube I just installed. Using a AWC708C Lite

after researching it, I found the setting in the MFG Param settings menu. It was set to 72%. So I guess it means that setting Lightburn to 50% would be setting the tube to 36%. I don’t know if that’s too high or not at this point. I guess as long as its staying below the ~12Ma it should be okay. But I see all this talk about wearing out the tube by running it too high… Not sure there is a consensus on what too high is.

Generally I would run any CO2 tube at 80% (mA) of the vendors max rating. My max rating on a cloudray 50w is 23mA so I set my limit at 18mA. I do this by setting the S max value in LB settings to 800 instead of 1000. LB will see that as 100% and work back from there.

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Thank you David for the response. It does not look like I have that option in Lightburn using the Trocen controller. But given the machine itself is set at 72% maybe that is similar to your thought of not running above 80%.

I’m no expert on other controllers Russel so quite likely yours is different, but as you say, it may be a route worth investigating. For info this is where I set my max S value.

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