How does one vary the drawing lines thickness

creating variable thickness in drawing lines

Hi, welcome! You can’t change the thickness of lines because they are vectors. They are of ‘infinite thinness’ and describe a line between two points.

What is it that you are trying to achieve?

You can not change the thickness of the laser beam. You could only fill a thin shape.

In fact, you can indirectly, by using Z-offset (defocusing the beam).

I thought about that but I would only use it with a program controlled z axis.

For sure! I have a motorized bed and use it quite often when someone wants a more present line engraving.

Looks like I should try that too. Sometimes I have a lot of engravings and a few cuts. There it would be worth it.

I recommend you to make an example sheet on a piece of wood. See how thick the lines get when you move Z for -1mm, -2mm, -3mm, -5mm, -8mm etc. so you know what to choose.

Yes. Will do that! :+1:

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