How exactly to focus the part in which I want to work

Hi, sometimes I solve the problem that I already have a cut-out shape and additionally I need to place some text on its surface. Does anyone have a tip on how to center this? I’ve never been able to pinpoint it.

Select both the cutout shape and text. Go to Arrange, then align, and select center. That will center the text in the object.

Also, Once you have written the text, select it and you should be able to move it to the center. It should snap to the center point of the shape When it gets close to the center point.

I interpreted the question to mean that the work piece has already been cut out and is a free agent. As such, positioning can be challenging. If this is an accurate assessment, consider the following as a possible solution.

On a scrap of just about anything, secure to the bed and duplicate the cut. Remove the cut piece and insert the previous piece. There will be some slop due to the laser kerf, although you can adjust that to compensate in the cut file if required. Turn off the cut layer in the LB file, position your text as desired and send to the laser.

Without seeing what you are trying to place this text on, you might be able to use the 'Center Finder tool we recently added. You jog the laser to 3 different spots on the outer edge of the shape, marking these spots for LightBurn to use to calculate where the center is based on the known locations.

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