How I delete a line in a square while keeping points

I want the delete the bottom line on this image, but I want to keep the two side points and the rest of the shape. The layer is set to “line”, so I should look like a “C”. I don’t know if that’s possible. I’d assume it is possible with a line, but not with a layer set to “fill” because there’s no area. How do I do this?

The black line is the shape I want to be left with. Also, I don’t want to do this over again by hand because it’s in a specific place, and I have to do this to 9 others.

It’s hard to tell what you’re working with but if I understand you correctly I think the easiest way would be to:

  1. select larger shape that the rectangle is intersecting
  2. Add selection of rectangle
  3. Tools->Boolean Difference

That should leave you with a C-shaped pocket out of the outer shape.

If that doesn’t work can you upload the file you’re working on here? That will speed up understanding.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try that!

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