How is a step length calculated?

I cut a 1cm x 1cm square and it is a little bit off. the actual measurement is 9.74mm. How do I determine how much to adjust the step length?

Cut the longest line you can in both directions. It’s always easier to use factors of ten or one hundred. For example, command the machine to cut 100 mm. You’ll probably get a 97.4 mm line or something near to that. 100 divided by 97.4 is 1.027 or 102.7 percent. Find your step figure and multiply it by 1.027 and run the test again.

When you perform these tests, consider also that there is some burn-away of the edge of the material. Keep a tight focus and use a thin easy-to-cut material like paper to get the smallest kerf possible for your measurements.

thanks, I’ll try …

The measurement went the wrong way. Now it measures 9.40 on both sides

I subtracted the Machine setting X value from the computed X value. I then subtracted the result from the Original Machine setting X value, then entered the result in the machine settings. Did the same for the Y value. Now 9.94mm. Thank you for your help.

If you go to Edit > Machine Settings in the latest release and click ‘Calibrate’ in the middle, it will do the math for you.

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