How is your iterative design process ? (Idea, sketch, drawing, versioning, saving, folder structure ?)

Dear Team.
Would like to get some ideas on how to structure working with your personal design process, and what works for you. How to iterate through designs, saving / versioning strategy. If any ?

My design process is quite scattered, have some in Inkscape (more shapes to play with) and import this into LB.
In Lightburn I use the work area as scratch-pad. Where my version 1 is (somewhat Top-Left) and then I make copies of each iteration before merging shapes, that way I can easier go back and redo or do major modification (and not undo 2mio. times)
I also import other design, pictures, silhuettes, previous work so I can easily zoom in - out, to get “quick answers” how big was that hole, was it 7 or 8 copies etc…
Kind of a big canvas.
My LB scratch pad

My storage strategy is a Network drive on my NAS.
Folder structure is simply 1 Folder with a theme “Christmas” -> “Decor” -> Files
Here I’m bad at house keeping :frowning: Many SVG files and multiple version of the LB-project v.1 v2.v3… v19 so I cant really remember what was in each version. And also mixed with final cut files.
Maybe more folder ?

What are your best practices ?
Looking forward to hear from all you creative and organized folks outthere :slight_smile:

Your scenario is very similar to my own. I also save all changes continuously with consecutive numbers in a standalone library of drawings, images and LightBurn files. Once I have constructed all the detailed drawings, I adapt the individual parts in a frame (same size as the laserbet) in one of the two new layers we have got and group it. This makes it very easy to “send” the parts to the correct position on the laser bet. Some projects contain up to 10 different worksheets but in the same LightBurn project file.

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