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(long time listener and first time caller) You have been speaking with a colleague of mine from a school in Canberra Australia about licences and I am just going to purchase the software for myself as I am finding it excellent to work with. I have noticed that on my machines that have Ruida controllers I was able connect to a small network however the one with the TopWisdom controller I cannot yet do this. Having only 3 of the 4 machines on the network is a little awkward. I have noticed that on a couple of post you have made reference that you are working on fixing the issue. You have made reference to either the next update or the one after. That sounds great however how long in time is that about. A month A Year A decade. Again thanks for the software it is great and it helps my workflow a lot.

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TopWisdom networking support is being worked and will be released “when ready”. A bit cheeky, but true. I will try to offer you some feeling for how we work our releases. If you look at this link, you will see our release announcements all the way back to December 30, 2017, when we released version 0.5.02.

A quick review of these posts shows we are fairly consistent with new releases happening within a month or two. So definitely not “A Decade”

Thank you so much.
as good a response as i could hope for. looking back at those updates it just shows me how much i need to learn and how little my students engage with what the laser cutters can do. For the last bit we have been conducting classes on line as schools a student free. Being the Woodwork teacher i think you call them shop teachers i have been getting students to design items and then email them to the laser cutters so i can cut them out for them and then hang them on a board outside for them to pickup at their convenience with no contact. With talk starting of the beginning to have some contact i am starting to think students can access the network and cut their own projects. So it will be nice to have all machines connected to the network with the same software being used.
With the software as i said you have been emailing a colleague and talking about floating licences. Just trying to under stand how they work. For example i have 7 classes with 24 students and my colleague has 2 classes with 24 students in each if i get 24 licences are all students able to download software and use it for their design work at present they use Adobe Illustrator as that is used in other parts of the school for example with my colleague in media. with 24 licences i run a class and students are working on their project design that would mean a student who decided to do some design work in a free line would not be able to get on till someone closed their program is that how it works? if so is there a way for me to boot students if i find when my class goes to do a class of design their is not enough licences free.
thank you again
i am really enjoying using your software.
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Welcome Mark
You will love this forum as much as the Software.

There isn’t a way to boot anyone off, I’m afraid. The software pings the license server every 15 minutes. If the license server hasn’t heard from a computer in 30 minutes, it will release that license seat. If someone’s computer crashes, the license would not be released - if they re-run before that seat is released, they’ll be assigned the same seat because the system will recognize the machine fingerprint and assume a crash happened. If they crashed and walked away, the license would be released within half an hour, worst case. Otherwise, the license is held for as long as the software is running, and the maximum number of concurrent users is the number of seats purchased.

In your example, all students would be able to download and install the software, but a maximum of 24 at once could run it. If someone tries to run and no seats are available, they’ll get a message saying the activation limit has been reached, and the software will close.

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