How long does it take to receive a license key

I purchased a license. How long does it take to receive the license key. I need to finish an order ASAP

Licenses are usually sent out moments after the order is placed. Please check your email including any Spam or Promotions folders. If you paid with PayPal, it will have been sent to the email address associated with the PayPal account.

If you still cannot find it, please contact our support team via email:

I have checked all folders and I paid with a credit card. Have not received the license

The trial version is full featured and has a 30 day window. You can use that until the license is straightened out.
License turnaround is not instantaneous, but the service is still well within comfortable limits.

Yea, my trial ran out and now I can’t use lightburn without the license key

Ah, so your lack of planning becomes their emergency… I get it.

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I guess so… Been out of town for a few days, and didn’t realize my trial was almost over until it was over. Thanks for your comments though.

Please check again. The order used [williamfortenberry@] and not the email address you use here. This has been corrected to use the same email as you registered with here, and a new email has been sent.

I have received the license key. Thanks LightBurn for the speedy response!!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!