How many laser can you run off one License at the same time?

I have a Foxalien Reizer Mega, Foxalien Reizer and a Aufero Laser 1. I got a Lightburn license from Foxalien. As you can tell I have not set them up yet. How many lasers can I run at the same time off one computer or do I need one license per computer per laser?

There are no restrictions on the number of laser machines, it just becomes too cumbersome to work with anything over 3 machines. But one laser at a time or you have to start LightBurn in multiple sessions and jump back and forth. How one computer should handle multiple usb connections at the same time I do not really know.
You can officially use your license on 2 computer, it makes it somewhat easier.
‚ÄúNormal scenario‚ÄĚ that is often used is, one computer in the office or in the living room for construction work with LightBurn and the other computer in the workshop to control the laser with LightBurn.
I change the laser machines in my workshop, but only work with one laser at a time. If I have had a production that can not wait and 2 lasers had to be used, I will take my ‚Äúconstruktions‚ÄĚ computer also to the workshop and keep the two lasers separate.

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IAs many available USB ports as you have.
I run up to four at a time if I am real busy. The only issue is making sure you keep track of which laser you are working with…not difficult but every once in a while, with four instances of LB open, I will start engraving the wrong laser

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