How to actually cut

Last dumb question. (maybe). I can line and engrave but how do I actually cut an object. I’ve tried even with cardboard and it does not cut with 100% power. Using xtool D1.

The only difference between an engraving and a cut is how deep the engraving is…

How deep and on what, can you engrave and what power settings are you using.

Ensure you machine is focused properly… Do a ramp test… Some of these focus at a different point that advertised…

Cardboard is thick and you might not have a deep enough field of focus (depth of field) for something thick… it depends on the laser.

If it’s configured correctly, that type of machine, focus is about all you have that could be an issue from what you’ve told us…

I assume your power output seems like it’s correct?

How did you set it up, initially?


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What is focus and ramp test? it seems to outline and engrave. It doesn’t engrave very deep though. You can barely feel any depth.

Here is a video explaining it… there are probably a million videos out there on setting the focus on many different kinds of lasers… but this is the basic idea…

Good luck


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If you have a small engrave dot and a clean lens cutting should be possible with 80% power and low speed.

Air assist helps.

White cardboard may reflect light and prove challenging to cut.

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