How to add a command to macro tab?

hi all when i start up lightburn my machine goes to home not sure why or if i have to do this but it happens anyway

it also resets my z all my burns are done at the same z level so after the homing i have lower my z by 30mm is there a way i can add it to a macro so as its just one button ?

also i use the saved positions option for most of my burns it has a z part there but I’m worried it will reduce it even after i have reduced it myself (causing it to hit limit switch ) so i don’t use it

This is because you have “auto-home on startup” enabled in Device Settings. Homing is required if you want to use absolute coords in a repeatable way.

What is your Z position after homing? Does moving down increase or decrease the value of Z?

Can you not test this?

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