How to adjust laser pulse rate (PPS)?

I’m probably missing something, but is there a way to adjust the laser pulses-per-second (PPS) in LightBurn? I have the TL410C controller on my 80W Vevor (Chinese CO2 red and black) laser cutter. and running the latest version of LightBurn (0.9.16) on a MacBook Pro. It looks like I can adjust power percentage and speed, but can’t locate a pulse rate adjustment.

You shouldn’t change the operating frequency of your CO2 glass laser. If your controller has a variable for that, it’s to match the PSU with the tube, not for on-the-fly adjustment. That’s a function of an RF CO2 laser, rather than the DC CO2 lasers in Chinese machines.

If you want ‘dotted’ lines, use the layer editor to set perforation mode or dot mode.

Many thanks for that — I had been reading about how to optimise for cutting clear PETG and the article was indicating a PPS of 2.7k-3k among other things. So I went looking for that setting. I’m pretty sure that my laser does operate at around that mark anyway, so I was looking for a solution to a problem I didn’t have :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your clear explanation.

I cut PET, PMMA, on a Ruida-controlled machine with fairly smooth edges. I used to flame-polish them, but now only do so for the front panels of amplifier housings - signs and such get a quick rub with 400grit wet and dry, just to break any sharp edges

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