How to align holes to part and through multiple offset layers

what is the process to align holes to part and through multiple offset layers so that the pieces can be fastened together. Does that make sense? Trying to create something like the picture at the bottom.


I’m not sure if I understand the complication.

Are these all meant to be through-holes? If so, any reason you couldn’t simply have duplicate holes on the center and rear panels?

If I read this right, there is no holes in the center and rear plates…?


Yes through holes. My question is how to line them up the same on each piece?

Looking for best method to create the matching holes in the center and rear piece since they are different sizes and offset from each other

Does your stacked view reflect how you want them actually aligned?

If so then do the following:

  1. Duplicate the current hole positions twice
  2. Move away all shapes associated with Front, leaving the duplicated holes
  3. Select Center and one set of duplicated holes, move away
  4. Select Rear and one set of duplicated holes, move away

Note that you may want to group the holes on the Center piece before duplicating as to make it easy to handle.

thanks for the help

A few other Tips and Tricks for this kind of project may be of interest.

Make the holes in one corner on-size for all three pieces.

Make the holes in the opposite corner slightly oval in the direction of the holes in the first corner.

Make the rest of the holes slightly oversize so the rest of the fasteners always fit.

Make one of the holes into a triangle (or a soft triangle) shaped pointer that points up and is hidden by the fastener when assembled.

Avoid putting the pointer in the middle so you can confirm that all three pieces are right side up during assembly.

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