How to align text in around shape?

My question is simple: how can I align text elements using the button “A” in a round shape easily?
Previouly I had EZCad software and this was possible when entering some parameters in the context field.

You can use LightBurn’s alignment tools to align text and other elements. If you’re looking to align text to the center of a circle, you’ll need to select the text and the circle, and then click ‘Align both vertical and horizontal centers’.

You can read more about that here:

These alignment tools I’ve already found. But my suggestion is to align text as follow: Link to jpg.
Preferable not converting written text into paths previously. So that I can make corrections/revisions afterwards to the words etc. Because, when it’s converted to paths, that it’s impossible or much more difficult to make revisions on the text itself.

The circles shown in the link represent the diameter to which you can refer. Then the programme should ask the user, if the text is aligned bottom/center/top of the circle and that’s it. Some other options are wellcome.

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood at first. You can use ‘Apply Path to Text’ for this - select both text and a path and go to ‘Tools’ > ‘Apply Path to Text’ or right-click and select ‘Apply Path to Text’. After applying the path to the text, the text will still be revisable. In the ‘Font’ tool bar, next to ‘Align Y’, you can select ‘Bottom’, ‘Top’, or ‘Center’.

not sure if this is what your looking,
but the blue dod in your text is to bend your text around shape.

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You can use @JTR’s method, which works great for complex shapes (think heart or star shape). Yet, the fastest way to do as you show, is to create some text, then select, and you should see a blue-dot floating next to this text. You simply grab and drag the dot to ‘Bend’ to the curve you’d like. You can double-click the blue-dot to reset. This is what @ton1961 is referencing. :slight_smile:

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@Rick : Thanks for this explaination in detail. Is this the function “shear” in LightBurn?

For my purpose it would be helpful, if the diameter or radius of the bend is shown. Usually, the space on a part is limited due to its shape/contour etc. Round shaped parts are common and the diameter is an important dimension for the laser engraving in such a case.

Not sure I follow the question, but what I show is not the ‘Shear’ tool. That tool allows you to slant the object.

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For bending test to a specific diameter, it would be best to use ‘Apply path to text’ tool as @JTR suggest above. In this model, you draw the desired diameter ellipse, then select both and select ‘Apply path to text’ from the right-click menu. :slight_smile:

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