How to align two sides of objects properly?

I want two objects to touch one and another like the cubes.
The sides of a box for example. This way I just have to cut once and less waste as well. (win-win)
Is there an easy way for them to snap together? Snap to object doesn’t seem to work

From what I have been able to deduct the laser will cut twice when they are close to each other and that will create greater burn residue. That’s because you see one line but it’s actually two lines one on top of another

I could be wrong but I don’t think so



Not with the “remove overlapping lines” option enabled in the Cut Optimization Settings

I learned something today.have you tried it yet?

I have… and it works.
But I aligned the objects in Illustrator before importing them in LB.
And I made sure that there were 2 objects with overlapping lines.

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In what way? If you hover over one of the square corners until you see the snap cursor, then drag to another square, you’ll get this:

Wait for the snap cursor to appear, then grab and drag:


When you get close to a point on the other shape, the snap cursor will reappear, showing that you’ve snapped to the other object:

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oh wow.
I always dragged from the center of an object. Then there is no ‘snap’ then.
But if I drag from a side it DOES work.

Awesome! Thank you Oz.
Didn’t know there was a difference.

@Sasquatch you can add this one to your F.A.Q. :wink:

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:frowning: and I read that yesterday! Makes sense now

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