How to avoid error 24

Error 24 occurs when trying to print the test. Sometimes the error 2. When you print this image offline (not from the program, but from a flash card), printing is normal.

Two G-code commands that both require the use of the XYZ axis words were detected in the block.”

What could be the reason.
Updated the firmware to GrBl v1.1f. MKS dlc V2.0 control card

That is a communication error - The board thinks you got two GCode commands on a single line, but LightBurn does not produce code like this, so the issue is interference in the USB signal between the computer and the machine.

Good afternoon. I changed three cables, one of which was with a high-pass filter.
I tried to wear an external ferrite filter.
Confusingly, the tactics take place in approximately the same place.
If it was interference, the error would appear randomly.
It looks like an overflow of something. When streaming at about 8 seconds, when synchronous at 45 seconds.
I plan to install the Wi-Fi module on the engraver. Is it possible to link the program to the engraver via Wi fi ?

LightBurn does not currently support WIFI for GCode devices.

Yes, but it could be a number of other things.

  • A loose connection might get bumped by rapid machine movement in the same place in the file

  • Static electricity build up from the belts moving back and forth over plastic could be discharging in roughly the same place

  • If your power supply is unable to keep up with the demands of the laser and the board, it could be that around this time the reserve depletes low enough to brown out the board, causing issues with parsing

I’ve seen all of these and more.

Victory! I understand what the problem is. I need to solve it correctly for my engraver. Thank you for your help!

Everything is solved, everything works. There is no error. And the USB cable has nothing to do with it!!!

So what did it end up being?

The “MKS dlc v2.0” board and the “MKS TFT 24” stand-alone printing unit clashed.
When you disable the loop, the error does not appear.
Now I want to insert a switch on the power supply cores into the loop so that the loop is not permanently disconnected.
Ideally, you need to modify the firmware, but the manufacturer is silent.

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