How to avoid the laser cutting through between shapes?

I’m just staring with LightBurn and laser cutting/engraving. When I try to cut a circle with a few shapes inside, the laser also cut between the shapes. I searched where to set the min power option but couldn’t find it, apparently that option is not available on LightBurn 1.2.04, so I don’t know hot to solve the problem.

The image bellow shows in green the two lines that are supposed to be skipped, but they are also cut.

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 3.20.24 PM

Have you tried $32=1 in the console window.

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Thanks a lot. That solved the issue.

Hey @Mooseuk, do you know why the power in Laser mode might be much lower. After I run $32=0 on the console the laser power can be adjusted in the Max Power option of the layer, but it burns between shapes. After I run $32=1 to enable laser mode, the power is too low, and it seems as if the values in the option Max Power are ignored.

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