How to become a beta tester?

How to become a beta tester?

Are you wanting access to a specific feature that isn’t released yet, or do you want to help us test the software?

I’m waiting for print and cut feature

Yes I would be interested in beta testing. I do that now on the inventables site with Easel now.

Beta testing means you’re willing to try many strange things in an attempt to get the software to crash or misbehave, so that we can fix bugs and improve it. “I want to make use of a specific feature that isn’t released yet” is not beta testing. :slight_smile:


Is that all? That sounds like my average day :slight_smile: I break stuff for a living…

I’ve got windows (multiple variants) Mac OS (High Sierra through to Catalina) and Linux (many variants) as well as diode on GRBL and CO2 on Smoothie and RuiDa.

Whatcher need testing?

I’m not after any particular feature - unless you’re working on nesting - that’s my biggest bug-bear right now.

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